Vanquish 48, a boat with style

Your weekends on Ibiza’s coasts will never be the same again after taking a ride in its waters aboard the extraordinary Vanquish 48, a boat that brings together the best features of two other successful models of the brand in a design just as innovative to those we are accustomed to.

From a leisurely stroll along the coasts, to a trip to Formentera or any of the islets surrounding the Pitusas, this excellent boat has everything you need to make that weekend getaway, or that holiday, an unforgettable experience you’ll want to repeat.

Come and know a little more about the Vanquish 48, a boat that you can find in the extensive catalogue of Barracuda Ibiza, your best option for boat rentals in Ibiza thanks to their experience and their unbeatable offers.

The fourth wonder of Vanquish

The Vanquish 48 is the fourth boat of this newly formed firm to jump into the water, and has quickly become its flagship in the segment of open sport boats, thanks to the features it is able to offer and that place it above many others of its kind.

First of all we will talk about its dimensions: 14.82 mt of length with a beam of 4.07 mt that provides enough space to comfortably accommodate 11 people.

The space on deck is very well used. It has a large aft solarium located above the engine room (also quite spacious) followed by a living area with convertible bimini, ideal for socializing and hanging out with friends.

On the bow, the Vanquish 48 also has a second sitting area on the bow, which together with the previous one allows to comfortably place all its occupants without any problem.

The equipment of this boat includes an excellent sound system to take the party with you wherever you go, and the materials and finishes applied on deck ensure a comfortable stay to you and all your guests.

The dimensions of this boat make it a very popular charter, as it has a lot of space under its large sofas to get on board with us all those toys we want to take for that weekend adventure, without taking up living space or occupy living space on deck.

It also has a cabin equipped with a spacious dinette that easily becomes a double bed, also has a bathroom and a kitchen area that have what it takes to spend a few days in comfort at sea without having to touch port.

Without a doubt the Vanquish 48 is a very difficult ship to overcome, especially if we also take into account its powerful engine: Two Yanmar capable of delivering 370 Hp of power and make this boat reach 40 knots, this, of course, without ever losing maneuverability and ease of operation.

Come to Barracuda Ibiza and get one of these incredible boats for that deserved weekend, taking advantage of the seasonal offers that only here you can get, from 2133 euros. Believe me, you won’t regret it, and you’ll come back for more.


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