Rent a EVO 43 in Ibiza and Formentera

Hello sea and sailing lovers in this post I’m going to tell you a little about the new Evo 43 yacht charter in Ibiza and Formentera for the summer of 2019 from the Evo Yatchs shipyard.

What is Evo Yatchs?
If there is one word with which to define the Evo Yatchs shipyard, it is undoubtedly Innovation, innovation when it comes to manufacturing stylish motorboats for its customers. Using the most advanced technologies, through a great study and a magnificent engineering work before designing their boats. We must highlight the use of control functions from the smartphone or the tablet as the opening of the aft side arms with its XTension system. In addition, all the boats in the Evo shipyard have been designed so that any unforeseen circumstances that may arise at sea can be resolved in the simplest way, since all the systems are controlled by hydraulic pumps, which guarantees that in the absence of electricity they can be manipulated manually without the need for specific tools.

Evo Yatchs was born in 2015 in Italy and its premise at the time of manufacturing luxury yachts and exclusive boats is to combine the traditional, with new technologies and elegance in the design of their boats, a clear example is this Evo 43 that you can rent in Ibiza and Formentera to spend your holidays. Evo Yatchs is the result of the union between Blue Emme Yatchs in the manufacture of the boat and the Studio Tecnico Rivellini that brings creativity, design and elegance.

Features EVO 43 -Naia-

The luxury motorboat Evo 43 Naia is a stylish boat with fantastic lines of design and manufacture, elegant and aerodynamic that make it unique in its category. Its Open Revolution system, as the shipyard calls it, is one of the peculiarities of this rental boat, in the stern of the boat two removable side arms are opened giving a greater width to the deck cabin and its aft platform is removable in different positions and can not only be used to access the water but can also be used for the placement for example of a jet ski or an auxiliary tender. It also has large solariums where you can enjoy the sun’s rays or relax with a good book. The helm bridge, located on the starboard side, is covered by a magnificent T-Top made of steel, with an elegant and functional design.

Inside there are 2 fantastic luxury cabins for an overnight stay and a fully equipped bathroom.

How can I enjoy this luxurious motorboat Evo 43?
Very simple, has been made with this incredible motorboat Evo 43 Naia for hire and you can premiere this summer 2019 in the waters of Ibiza and Formentera, is moored in Marina ibiza, has a professional captain who will take you to discover the best places on the Balearic coast, you can anchor in the fantastic coves of Ibiza, go to the best beach club Formentera or enjoy Mediterranean food aboard this jewel. There is no doubt that fun and relaxation are guaranteed. Don’t wait any longer, hire this Evo 43 is the best option for a Charter day in Ibiza.


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