Great events at the Sea

We have a special event to celebrate and we immediately start to think about ways to do it, without falling into clichés and the monotony of always, a room full of people, in the background a little music, food and drink, is always the same.
But for the luck of many, it is possible to rent a boat in which you can celebrate that special event, it would be very original and unique, your guests will surely be surprised.
You only have to look for the ideal boat, that covers your needs and those of your event, as well as adjusting to your budget; if you think that holding an event on board a boat is only a luxury that millionaires can afford, you are wrong.
Renting a boat to spend a few days touring Ibiza is much more accessible than you think, if we put it on a scale you will spend the same and maybe even less, than you would spend on holding a salon on land.
In the sea everyone will enjoy the good life under the sun, the menu can be composed of marine products such as fish or prawns, soft drinks.
You can organize various activities, including water sports, anchor near a desolate beach where you can have fun and enjoy the tranquility and solitude of the place. here, you can rent a spectacular schooner special events 30 people, entering the website and making your reservation online with just a few clicks, from the comfort of your home or office.


Special boat events 30 people
If you want to organize an intimate event in which your family and closest friends participate, the special schooner for events with capacity for 30 people is ideal.
With a length of 26.5 m, beam of 6.5 m, is equipped with a sonar, GPS so you can navigate with tranquility, plotter, probe, sound system, a TV to spend some time watching movies, ideal if you have small children on board as there can see cartoons.
It also has a nautical bookstore for those looking to learn a little more about this wonderful world, board games for evenings and nights of group sharing.
Binoculars, paddle surf and snorkeling equipment if you want to spend some time in the water with your guests admiring the marine flora and fauna; the deck has a solarium for sunbathing and a shower for refreshment.
But if some of the guests do not want to be under the sun, no problem because it also has a roofed area where they can sit to continue enjoying the trip.
Inside there are comfortable cabins to spend the night or rest a bit during the afternoon, comfortable bathrooms, kitchen where you can prepare simple dishes, a furnished area and a table where you can sit down to eat.
This wonderful special schooner can be rented in low season for 2.550€ and in high season for 2.950€.


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