Lema Gold for rent in Ibiza

The company Lema has made four updates of the emblematic Lema Gold, a very popular model among pleasure and luxury boats, which has become the favorite of many and accepted by fans.
And we present it to you, next.
Characteristics of the Lema Gold
One of the most outstanding features of this boat is the hull and seafaring ability to plan and adapted to a superstructure.
Its length is well distributed a protected and comfortable space, this due to, which has a good height thanks to the gunwale.
It has various powers, thanks to the Mercruiser engine that is half inside and half out of the gunwale, which ranges from 170 Hp to 200 Hp in diesel. Or in his defect of 220 Hp to 270 Hp in gasoline.
As for its exterior design, this is maintained, which leads to identify it easily.
The navigator’s post
It has an adjustable, comfortable seat and a sturdy structure, although it does not have a footrest, it is quite comfortable. Meanwhile, the console has been redesigned to adapt the electronics and gain in aesthetics. It is a protected position and suitable for the boat.
Bathtub and deck
Rent a Lema Gold has everything in its length. The stern has an integrated platform, a stowage box with its drainage for ropes, a direct passage, a shower, places to place beers and more.
Meanwhile, the mattresses and seats have been refurbished with high quality upholstery.
The bathtub can be converted into a solarium or a tooth, depending on the person’s wishes or, failing that, it can be completely cleared. In addition, this can accommodate up to eight people.
It has a capacity on board of 10 people and its space is open, comfortable, protected and with personality.
The interior
Inside it has an independent cabinet to make the toilet, new upholstery, a sink, a small stove, side cupboard, electric toilet, a double bunk bed and much more.
When it comes to sailing, this boat moves very well in very bad sea conditions. It reaches a speed of between 27 and 30 knots.
When it comes to its range, it can sail about 135 miles and consumes about 37.5 litres per hour of fuel.
Where to get it?
If you are looking to rent Lema Gold, then do it at Barcos.online, a company that allows you to rent any type of boat: yachts, catamarans, boats, megayachts and more.
You can rent any boat days in advance through their website https://alquiler.barcos.online/, and to the destination you want, such as the Balearic Islands.
At the same time, they can be contacted through social networks (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) by e-mail or by telephone.
To rent the Lema Gold, you have three types of prices: low rate (450 euros), medium rate (550 euros) and high rate (650 euros).
You already know the details of this incredible and comfortable boat What are you waiting for to rent it? Make possible an interesting and unforgettable vacation aboard one of the best ships.


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