Rent a boat to tour Ibiza and the Balearic Islands

Known as a Spanish company of great experience and reference, Barracuda Ibiza Charter is an ideal option to enjoy an excellent experience in the tour of Ibiza and Formentera, thanks to its boat rental offered in

This important platform belonging to Barracuda Ibiza Charter is known as a great option to enjoy a good vacation, thanks to the opportunity to rent different boats that fit the budget of each person.

Barracuda Ibiza Charter is a company that provides rental services of a magnificent amount of boats, located in Ibiza, Santa Eulalia and San Antonio, managing to captivate a great amount of visitors a year, so that they can enjoy a tour with or without a route through these beautiful islands.

Thanks to its boat services offered through, a large number of people have the opportunity to tour the best areas of the Balearic Islands by means of different boats that can be adapted to each of their needs.

From a luxury yacht with a crew to a Zodiac inflatable boat, these are the boats that a great company like Barracuda Ibiza Charter has to offer. In addition to a service that includes the choice of routes or navigation as desired by the client.

The best way to discover and have great adventures in such a special tourist destination
Sailing around Ibiza has never been as easy as the Barracuda Ibiza Charter company proposes through its incredible platform, given the ease with which you can choose your ideal boat or find it simply, quickly and economically.

With its platform, it is possible to select certain options adapted to the client’s needs, including the capacity of people that the boat must have, the closest price according to the capital that they have and the type of boat that they prefer to use.

One of the main options to travel in the Sun Odyssey 509, one of the great sailboats that can be found in and that have great features that offer comfort, such as:

A capacity for 12 people.
Manufactured in 2013.
It has a length of 15.38m and a beam of 4.69m. It also has a draught of 2.28m.
It has more than 5 cabins, 12 beds and 3 bathrooms for greater comfort.
It includes hot water, freezer, kitchen oven with 3 burners, refrigerator, TV and many amenities.

And you can rent it for an excellent price of 1,000 euros in low season and a maximum of 1,450 euros in high season, so you can enjoy the best trip around Ibiza.

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Lema Gold for rent in Ibiza

The company Lema has made four updates of the emblematic Lema Gold, a very popular model among pleasure and luxury boats, which has become the favorite of many and accepted by fans.
And we present it to you, next.
Characteristics of the Lema Gold
One of the most outstanding features of this boat is the hull and seafaring ability to plan and adapted to a superstructure.
Its length is well distributed a protected and comfortable space, this due to, which has a good height thanks to the gunwale.
It has various powers, thanks to the Mercruiser engine that is half inside and half out of the gunwale, which ranges from 170 Hp to 200 Hp in diesel. Or in his defect of 220 Hp to 270 Hp in gasoline.
As for its exterior design, this is maintained, which leads to identify it easily.
The navigator’s post
It has an adjustable, comfortable seat and a sturdy structure, although it does not have a footrest, it is quite comfortable. Meanwhile, the console has been redesigned to adapt the electronics and gain in aesthetics. It is a protected position and suitable for the boat.
Bathtub and deck
Rent a Lema Gold has everything in its length. The stern has an integrated platform, a stowage box with its drainage for ropes, a direct passage, a shower, places to place beers and more.
Meanwhile, the mattresses and seats have been refurbished with high quality upholstery.
The bathtub can be converted into a solarium or a tooth, depending on the person’s wishes or, failing that, it can be completely cleared. In addition, this can accommodate up to eight people.
It has a capacity on board of 10 people and its space is open, comfortable, protected and with personality.
The interior
Inside it has an independent cabinet to make the toilet, new upholstery, a sink, a small stove, side cupboard, electric toilet, a double bunk bed and much more.
When it comes to sailing, this boat moves very well in very bad sea conditions. It reaches a speed of between 27 and 30 knots.
When it comes to its range, it can sail about 135 miles and consumes about 37.5 litres per hour of fuel.
Where to get it?
If you are looking to rent Lema Gold, then do it at, a company that allows you to rent any type of boat: yachts, catamarans, boats, megayachts and more.
You can rent any boat days in advance through their website, and to the destination you want, such as the Balearic Islands.
At the same time, they can be contacted through social networks (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) by e-mail or by telephone.
To rent the Lema Gold, you have three types of prices: low rate (450 euros), medium rate (550 euros) and high rate (650 euros).
You already know the details of this incredible and comfortable boat What are you waiting for to rent it? Make possible an interesting and unforgettable vacation aboard one of the best ships.

Great events at the Sea

We have a special event to celebrate and we immediately start to think about ways to do it, without falling into clichés and the monotony of always, a room full of people, in the background a little music, food and drink, is always the same.
But for the luck of many, it is possible to rent a boat in which you can celebrate that special event, it would be very original and unique, your guests will surely be surprised.
You only have to look for the ideal boat, that covers your needs and those of your event, as well as adjusting to your budget; if you think that holding an event on board a boat is only a luxury that millionaires can afford, you are wrong.
Renting a boat to spend a few days touring Ibiza is much more accessible than you think, if we put it on a scale you will spend the same and maybe even less, than you would spend on holding a salon on land.
In the sea everyone will enjoy the good life under the sun, the menu can be composed of marine products such as fish or prawns, soft drinks.
You can organize various activities, including water sports, anchor near a desolate beach where you can have fun and enjoy the tranquility and solitude of the place. here, you can rent a spectacular schooner special events 30 people, entering the website and making your reservation online with just a few clicks, from the comfort of your home or office.


Special boat events 30 people
If you want to organize an intimate event in which your family and closest friends participate, the special schooner for events with capacity for 30 people is ideal.
With a length of 26.5 m, beam of 6.5 m, is equipped with a sonar, GPS so you can navigate with tranquility, plotter, probe, sound system, a TV to spend some time watching movies, ideal if you have small children on board as there can see cartoons.
It also has a nautical bookstore for those looking to learn a little more about this wonderful world, board games for evenings and nights of group sharing.
Binoculars, paddle surf and snorkeling equipment if you want to spend some time in the water with your guests admiring the marine flora and fauna; the deck has a solarium for sunbathing and a shower for refreshment.
But if some of the guests do not want to be under the sun, no problem because it also has a roofed area where they can sit to continue enjoying the trip.
Inside there are comfortable cabins to spend the night or rest a bit during the afternoon, comfortable bathrooms, kitchen where you can prepare simple dishes, a furnished area and a table where you can sit down to eat.
This wonderful special schooner can be rented in low season for 2.550€ and in high season for 2.950€.

Rent a EVO 43 in Ibiza and Formentera

Hello sea and sailing lovers in this post I’m going to tell you a little about the new Evo 43 yacht charter in Ibiza and Formentera for the summer of 2019 from the Evo Yatchs shipyard.

What is Evo Yatchs?
If there is one word with which to define the Evo Yatchs shipyard, it is undoubtedly Innovation, innovation when it comes to manufacturing stylish motorboats for its customers. Using the most advanced technologies, through a great study and a magnificent engineering work before designing their boats. We must highlight the use of control functions from the smartphone or the tablet as the opening of the aft side arms with its XTension system. In addition, all the boats in the Evo shipyard have been designed so that any unforeseen circumstances that may arise at sea can be resolved in the simplest way, since all the systems are controlled by hydraulic pumps, which guarantees that in the absence of electricity they can be manipulated manually without the need for specific tools.

Evo Yatchs was born in 2015 in Italy and its premise at the time of manufacturing luxury yachts and exclusive boats is to combine the traditional, with new technologies and elegance in the design of their boats, a clear example is this Evo 43 that you can rent in Ibiza and Formentera to spend your holidays. Evo Yatchs is the result of the union between Blue Emme Yatchs in the manufacture of the boat and the Studio Tecnico Rivellini that brings creativity, design and elegance.

Features EVO 43 -Naia-

The luxury motorboat Evo 43 Naia is a stylish boat with fantastic lines of design and manufacture, elegant and aerodynamic that make it unique in its category. Its Open Revolution system, as the shipyard calls it, is one of the peculiarities of this rental boat, in the stern of the boat two removable side arms are opened giving a greater width to the deck cabin and its aft platform is removable in different positions and can not only be used to access the water but can also be used for the placement for example of a jet ski or an auxiliary tender. It also has large solariums where you can enjoy the sun’s rays or relax with a good book. The helm bridge, located on the starboard side, is covered by a magnificent T-Top made of steel, with an elegant and functional design.

Inside there are 2 fantastic luxury cabins for an overnight stay and a fully equipped bathroom.

How can I enjoy this luxurious motorboat Evo 43?
Very simple, has been made with this incredible motorboat Evo 43 Naia for hire and you can premiere this summer 2019 in the waters of Ibiza and Formentera, is moored in Marina ibiza, has a professional captain who will take you to discover the best places on the Balearic coast, you can anchor in the fantastic coves of Ibiza, go to the best beach club Formentera or enjoy Mediterranean food aboard this jewel. There is no doubt that fun and relaxation are guaranteed. Don’t wait any longer, hire this Evo 43 is the best option for a Charter day in Ibiza.

This summer in Ibiza rent a Monterey 278 SS

When it comes to boats nothing is less than a Monterey 278 SS year 2011, which in addition to being a luxurious boat, we assure you that its space is comfortable and offers maximum performance.monterey-278-ss-1632-1

We know this because here at Alquiler de Barcos Online we make sure to offer you the best boats, with the most competitive prices in the market and above all, each of our products complies with the highest standard of quality and all maritime laws and regulations.


For that reason in this opportunity we invite you to know all the advantages that has this model of Monterey to encourage you to go out in family and spend a perfect day.

Characteristics of the Monterey 278 SS year 2011

What is it? What is it?

When you rent a Monterey 278 SS you realize that it is a high performance, compact space distributed boat to maximize its performance. Ideal for sailing the Balearic Islands and its waters, is a machine with a lot of sophistication.

This is because it is an inboard boat with an open bow so you can invite several friends and family and enjoy the turquoise waters that you will find along Ibiza.

How much capacity does it have?

It is capable of carrying a maximum of eight people to the high seas and has equipment that allows a dining area or aperitifs, so you can enjoy your favorite food on the high seas.

What’s included?

It includes a compact and well-equipped bathroom, as well as an external shower with a fresh water tank, an electric windlass that includes its anchor so that you can anchor in any cove on Ibiza and Formentera.

It also includes a ladder, a fridge and even an ice cooler so you can have your favourite drinks without sacrificing their temperature. If all this is not enough for you, you should know that it includes a GPS, a stereo music system that in addition to Bluetooth is resistant to salt water.

What extras does it come with?

It includes a Bimini awning that allows you a shaded area where you and all your friends or family can enjoy incredible views.
A large solarium that sits both on the bow and stern and can be converted into a picnic area.
Chemical toilet.
A remote control for the music system.
A sink.
Flaps with electric stabilizers.
Mercruiser engine with a capacity of 425 hp in performance.
Basic features.
Type of boat: it is a boat.
Manufacturer: Monterey.
Length: eight meters and fifty centimeters.
Beam: two meters with seventy centimeters.
Water capacity: fifty liters.
Type of fuel: gas.
Fuel capacity: three hundred litres.
Where to rent?

In our web page, through our e-mail:, contacting us by WhatsApp (+34) 687 237 903. The prices per day will vary, in low season will be around 450 euros and in high season to reach 650 euros.

So, as you will see, you decide when, how and where to enjoy our services and a well-deserved holiday, cheer up!

Vanquish 48, a boat with style

Your weekends on Ibiza’s coasts will never be the same again after taking a ride in its waters aboard the extraordinary Vanquish 48, a boat that brings together the best features of two other successful models of the brand in a design just as innovative to those we are accustomed to.

From a leisurely stroll along the coasts, to a trip to Formentera or any of the islets surrounding the Pitusas, this excellent boat has everything you need to make that weekend getaway, or that holiday, an unforgettable experience you’ll want to repeat.

Come and know a little more about the Vanquish 48, a boat that you can find in the extensive catalogue of Barracuda Ibiza, your best option for boat rentals in Ibiza thanks to their experience and their unbeatable offers.

The fourth wonder of Vanquish

The Vanquish 48 is the fourth boat of this newly formed firm to jump into the water, and has quickly become its flagship in the segment of open sport boats, thanks to the features it is able to offer and that place it above many others of its kind.

First of all we will talk about its dimensions: 14.82 mt of length with a beam of 4.07 mt that provides enough space to comfortably accommodate 11 people.

The space on deck is very well used. It has a large aft solarium located above the engine room (also quite spacious) followed by a living area with convertible bimini, ideal for socializing and hanging out with friends.

On the bow, the Vanquish 48 also has a second sitting area on the bow, which together with the previous one allows to comfortably place all its occupants without any problem.

The equipment of this boat includes an excellent sound system to take the party with you wherever you go, and the materials and finishes applied on deck ensure a comfortable stay to you and all your guests.

The dimensions of this boat make it a very popular charter, as it has a lot of space under its large sofas to get on board with us all those toys we want to take for that weekend adventure, without taking up living space or occupy living space on deck.

It also has a cabin equipped with a spacious dinette that easily becomes a double bed, also has a bathroom and a kitchen area that have what it takes to spend a few days in comfort at sea without having to touch port.

Without a doubt the Vanquish 48 is a very difficult ship to overcome, especially if we also take into account its powerful engine: Two Yanmar capable of delivering 370 Hp of power and make this boat reach 40 knots, this, of course, without ever losing maneuverability and ease of operation.

Come to Barracuda Ibiza and get one of these incredible boats for that deserved weekend, taking advantage of the seasonal offers that only here you can get, from 2133 euros. Believe me, you won’t regret it, and you’ll come back for more.

Inexperience of the crew

The accidental fall of people into the water is one of the main causes of death. To the risk that the fall goes unnoticed and, consequently, the necessary help is not received, it is necessary to add that of suffering hypothermia by prolonged permanence in the water. We must take precautions
to avoid an unexpected fall into the water.
The most common causes of overboard falls are:

If you move around the boat with your body leaning towards the handrails using them as a support point and one of them has a defect or is not of the proper height, you may fall overboard.
If we do not take into account the movements of the ship, because we are not monitoring the state of the sea, a shipment of rough sea or a strong bilge can send us overboard.
Many times the inexperience of the crew, does not keep them subject to the solid parts of the ship, this can easily lead to a fall into the sea.
If we do not wear shoes with non-slip soles, we are in danger, a slip may cause us to fall overboard.
When the crew member makes a maneuver on deck, especially in bad weather, if he is not wearing a life jacket or harness and is attached to the lifeline or safety can be a cause of fall. There is also a risk when verifying deck elements, sheets, ropes, etc. when the sea is in bad condition.
The absence of safety nets around the boat can be a danger to children.
Another very common case of falling is doing your physiological needs overboard, or vomiting into the sea when you are dizzy.
Violent actions between two passengers or crew members is one of the most frequent causes of falling overboard.
In a fisherman’s fight against his prey, the animal can be defeated and the fisherman can be fired.
We always recommend that you take your nautical safety equipment, to be well equipped is the necessary safety guarantee.